What We Do.

Cyber Security.

Are cybersecurity challenges holding you back? You aren’t alone. Many organisations face the same challenges and are looking for a trusted partner to take your cyber security maturity to the next level.

Our Solutions and Services.

Security Advisor, Assessment, and Risk management

Enhance your business security with advisory, assessment, and risk management services. Mitigate vulnerabilities for a resilient and protected workplace.

Identity and Access Management services

Implement secure identity and access management services for your business to ensure authorised user access, enhance data protection, and streamline authentication processes.

Security Engineering Zero Trust and Security by Design

Zero trust verifies each access request before granting permission reducing the risk of unauthorised access. Our approach ensures comprehensive protection and resilience against evolving security risks.

ASD Essential 8 Compliance and Remediation

We assess, implement, and remediate security measures to achieve compliance and mitigate potential risks effectively in your business.


Zscaler ANZ Public Sector Partner of the Year for 2022

Thycotic / Delinea International Deal of the Year award 2019

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Advisory & Strategy.

We understand that your business needs the latest advice to create and implement your security strategy in the fast-evolving cloud and flexible work environments. That’s where our team of cyber security professionals provide a range of services to help you protect your business from those threats.
It is important to remember that more than tools are needed to ensure the security of your business. We provide a comprehensive security strategy to build a culture of security awareness.

Solutions & Projects.

Your priority is solutions and projects that deliver business outcomes on time and within budget. That’s why our focus is on capability and timely execution. When it comes to cyber security, we partner with you to ensure that we deliver the solution that meets your needs and direction. Whether you require design, technical delivery, or support, we have all the latest tools and techniques to help protect your business.

Augmentation & Support.

Availability plays a critical role in helping you achieve your business outcomes. Your modern business environment is fraught with cyber threats that can compromise the security and integrity of your business systems and data. Ultimately, we will help your businesses avoid potential threats and ensure your systems and data are secure, reliable, and compliant. We have the experts available to work with your staff or support your cyber security strategy, allowing you to focus on your core business.

Supply & Fulfillment.

We understand that off-the-shelf solutions may only sometimes be the best fit, which is why we specialise in providing customised solutions tailored to your business’s specific needs.
We can supply and deliver these solutions by implementing the best cyber products and having strong industry partnerships. We work closely with you and are committed to meeting your cyber security needs.

Our People

Our people are experts and industry leaders. They have lived and breathed the experiences of your staff and are able to share and collaborate with them. When you work with us, you’ll find that we are the ones onsite and implementing the solutions; we don’t engage others to do it.

Our Approach

We adopt a unique approach to consulting that each engagement is unique and tailored to your needs. Our comprehensive range of services is 100% native, allowing us to deliver complex solutions efficiently and dynamically.

Our ability to deliver what we say we will, by when we say we will, leads to great relationships, and delivers amazing value to you, our client.

Your Success

Your success is our success. That’s why, when it comes to great outcomes, size does not matter. If you are looking for a different experience from the usual large service providers, we can help.

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